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Co-Editor & Founder 

Meg Gray (she/her)

Papeachu (puh-peach-oo) is a feminist small press publishing the works of women, nonbinary, and genderqueer creators in order to elevate and venerate

a community of work often left from mainstream publishing. We publish the works we believe in, and believe in the people we publish. Our mission is to see more female, nonbinary, and genderqueer creations on bookstore shelves, in hands of young readers, and in the homes of everyone we both know and don't. 

We currently publish chapbooks of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.


We also put out a bi-annual print journal, Papeachu Review, showcasing individual works from various creators. Fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art, and comics can all be published in Papeachu Review. For more information, check out our Submit page.

Meg is a queer short-fiction writer and editor who one day hopes to travel the world with her cat (and her partner). She was raised by her grandparents in Northern Wisconsin.

She's worked in publishing for seven years and believes grammar is racist and words are meant to be understood, not regulated. She wants everyone to make art, and to read and consume as much art by marginalized creators as possible. There is so much beauty and love and pain and mystery and education to be shared through art—she's honored and privileged to read every piece submitted to Papeachu.


Co-Editor & Events Manager 
Lynne Ellis (she/they)

Lynne writes in pen. She creates sense-forward, narrative work and experiments with form. Often looking for a way to depart from the left margin, their words appear or are forthcoming in Poetry Northwest, Full Mood, the Missouri Review, Sunday Mornings at the River, Poets Reading the News, Sugar House Review, WA 129, PageBoy, What Rough Beast, Barzakh, and others. 


Winner of the 2021 Perkoff Prize in poetry and the 2018 Red Wheelbarrow Poetry Prize, Lynne is an AWP Writer-to-Writer alum and owes so much to the teachers and community at Hugo House in Seattle. Her pandemic project—a series of broadsides co-created with Felicia Rice—is available to download (for free!) online at Moving Parts Press. 


Lynne's chapbook of poetry, "In these failing times I can forget," was first published by Papeachu in 2018, and they joined the press in 2021. 


A solid believer that every poem is a collaboration, she wants you to know that there are no stars in poetry, only constellations.

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Want to support Papeachu? Check out our Patreon page! Your support means more books and more literary diversity!

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