Meg Gray is the founder of Papeachu Press. She's an editor, coffee-slinger, and cat-lover, often anxious and reading too many things at once. 

Papeachu (puh-peach-oo) is a feminist small press publishing the works of women and nonbinary creators in order to elevate and venerate a community of work often under-appreciated. We publish the works we believe in, and believe in the people we publish. Our mission is to see more women and nonbinary creations on the bookstore shelves, in hands of young readers, and in the homes of everyone we both know and don't. 

We currently publish chapbooks of fiction, non fiction, and poetry by women and nonbinary writers.


We also put out our bi-annual print journal, Papeachu Review, showcasing individual works from various creators. Fiction, non fiction, poetry, art, and comix can all be published in Papeachu Review. For more information, check out our Submit page.

The Intern


Lin is a 25-year-old enby poet from "Almost Canada," Western Washington. They have been finding comfort in creating stories since they could talk. They are particularly interested in stories created from stream-of-consciousness writing. They feel that the best work is the vulnerable work. You can find their published work in Papeachu Review #1, Winter Edition. Lin is a self-taught creative with no formal training or college experience. Lin feels that this sets them apart and can inspire folx to take alternative routes to their goals.


Lin is most looking forward to hosting creative writing workshops for the LGBTQIA community during their time with Papeachu Press.

To follow new and exciting updates from Lin, follow them on:

Poetry Instagram: @wallpaperghost_

Personal Instagram: @lintendo_

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