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PAPEACHU REVIEW  — submissions Periods: FEB-MAR, and JULY-AUG

Winter 2020--SUBMISSIONS CLOSED! Try again in Spring!

Papeachu Review is our bi-annual print journal publishing collected works of women and non binary creators. Papeachu Review accepts submissions of fiction, non fiction, poetry, art, and comix.  

Submissions for the winter edition of Papeachu Review are OPEN. 


To submit, email us at with subject line as Review Submission, and a few other things: 

     — a short bio describing yourself as a creator, along with your pronouns, and any links to           your work so others can find you

     — individual attachments for each submission (submit as many as you'd like)

Please note, this is a collection solely for the purpose of sharing the creations of women and non binary folks. If you do not identify as such, don't submit. We won't publish it.


We are not accepting poetry manuscripts at this time. 

Chapbooks are smaller print-books of *usually* poetry or short fiction. We publish our chapbooks at roughly 40-100 pages in length and perfect-bound (like a paperback book with a spine). We only publish chapbooks because they are often more accessible to folks due to their low cost, and accessibility of work is important to us. 

To submit your manuscript for a chapbook publication, email us at with subject line as Chapbook Submission, and include a few things: 

     — a copy of your full-length collection OR a sample of your work 

     — a brief description of the submitted work

     — a description of yourself as a creator, as well as any links to your                        work, and your preferred pronouns 

Please do not send your work in the body of the email. Please send it as either a pdf or docx attachment. 

*Please note that we ONLY publish women and non binary folks. If you do not identify as such, do not submit to us. We are not the press for you, but don't worry, you have all the other options.* 


We do not accept any of the following: 

     work that is racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, fatphobic, xenophobic, or                   otherwise hateful or hurtful